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Amazon FBA Reimbursement for Sellers – Tips & Strategies

Selling on FBA has some obvious implications and one of those would be the amount of money which you owe to Amazon. If the seller account is not monitored properly, there would be higher than expected reimbursements. Amazon stores and processes humongous order loads. It involves millions of products in the stock. Thousands of Amazon employees are involved in the entire process and thus, they are bound to create mistakes even when they are assisted by world class machinery. In this article, we will discuss the different channels through which Amazon reimburses its sellers using Amazon ebc. Enhanced Brand Content is a feature which allows the numerous sellers to offer enriched brand content for the listed products and offer a comprehensive user experience for everyone. EBC services puts products in the frontline and assists the buyers in picking the right products.

Does Amazon owe you money?

  • Inventory lost – It is a case where the inventory sent to the Amazon FBA warehouses gets lost due to multiple reasons. This is not always attributed to recent orders and is linked with enhanced brand content. Inventory reports can be very helpful especially when it comes to identifying lost orders.
  • Inventory damage which was not aptly reimbursed to the seller – Damaged inventory EBC services is prevalent with highly careless forwarding and carrying partners. It is a step in the logistics management process which often witnesses delays and negligence from the part of the logistics organizer. Amazon ebccan help in negotiating these problems.
  • Returned by customer – The products are often returned by the customers and this is often one of the major reasons why sellers owe money to Amazon. The customer return is one of the major operational challenges faced by e-commerce businesses. Hence, the reimbursement claims are always on the higher side and need to be looked into by the e-commerce companies.

Some of the common refund related issues are

  • Product is not returned after the refund
  • Product is not replaced after refund
  • Returned item is not added to inventory
  • Quantity issues with the order – Some customers complain about the quantity of items they have received from Amazon. It is usually linked to stock updates and stock management issues. Enhanced Brand Content is one of the most important aspects of order management. Some customers receive more than what they had ordered while the others complain of getting less than what they paid for. In most cases, the customers do not bother to return the extra items. Hence, the onus comes on you to detect these inventory related discrepancies and claim the FBA reimbursements.
  • FBA errors – The FBA errors are related to FBA fees. There are multiple types of FBA fees. The Amazon FBA fees include storage fees, commission fees, shipping fees and long term storage fees.  

Actual Claim Part from Amazon

The actual claim part is the most important aspect of this topic of discussion. Without the claims, you will not be able to fulfill the losses due to damage, inventory loss, customer refund problems etc.

  • You can seek the claims yourself – This is self help. You calculate the reimbursement claims and send the requisition to Amazon for settlement of the claims. However, this is not recommended since it is obvious that you would mess up the data and send erroneous claims. Thus, you would need technical help.
  • Using Amazon ebct reimbursement claim forms – The Amazon ebc reimbursement claim forms can be used to demand claims from the end of Amazon. It is a more logical and legitimate way to seek claims from this e-commerce giant.  It is by far the easiest channel to opt for claims. Some of these platforms are Amzrefund. The cost might be a little high but it is worth a try.
  • Using Virtual Assistants – The Virtual Assistants or VAs can be hired to get a certain job done. This is plain and simple outsourcing. The process involves outsourcing all manual work to a particular assistant. The VA will calculate the entire claim amount and forward it to Amazon for claim settlement.

Filing the Actual Claim

There are a set of Dos and Don’ts which need to be addressed so that our readers do not take any wrong step in the claim filing process. Any incorrect step can spoil the seller to aggregator relationship. In this case, the business relationship between Amazon and the seller is under focus through the claim settlement process.


  • Ensure that a proper reimbursement claim is forwarded with minimal glitches
  • Look for all possible ways in which Amazon would refund you
  • It is a continuous process and you must have multiple templates since errors would be there in the reimbursement claims
  • Do a proper follow up after submission of the claim


  • Do not commit grave calculation errors or repeated errors which might risk your account of suspension
  • Ensure that an automated tool does not accept your claim submission

The above discussion has been primarily designed to help the Amazon sellers in FBA reimbursements. Careful study of the above topic would be highly beneficial for the sellers in the long run. Each topic has been addressed independently to avoid any kind of contradictions from the end of the readers.

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