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What You Need to Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

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Which businessman does not want to attract as many customers as possible? Well, the enhanced brand content feature of Amazon helps you do exactly that. You can modify the product description and make it more visually rich. You will be able to add images and texts to carry on the brand story. This will even help you to attract more and more customers –

What you should know?

If you are thinking of starting with this new feature then you must make sure that your business or company has a live registered trademark. Make sure that your trademark has not been registered or there are no similarities between your trademark and others in the market.

Do you have to pay for it?

No, currently this EBC service is available for free. You will not have to pay any money for now to sue this amazing feature of Amazon. But it might change its content listings. Thus, you would have to enroll in EBC as soon as possible. You can contract out the images of your product while you are enrolling.

Why should you go for Enhanced Brand Content?

You should always look for the benefits of any feature before you avail it. Here are the benefits of the Enhanced Brand Content that you need to check out –

  1. Sets your brand value to a higher level

Your customer will surely prefer the enhanced version of your product description, than just mere text. When you add imagery to your product description you already make it more trustworthy and reliable for your customers.

  1. Less bounce offs

You can be sure of the fact that customers will not read the title let alone the description of the product. They will opt for a more convincing product. if you are in a field where the competition is high you need to focus on making your product more convincing. This is where EBChelps you out.

  1. Less negative reviews and returns

It is a proven fact that EBC is a way to reduce negative ratings and reviews on your product. it can even reduce the number of returns you face. The reason behind this is that when you are providing an enhanced image in the product description, the customer is already aware of what he or she is signing for.

  1. Improve your ROIs

If you have an improved ENC listing it can further help you improve your ROIs and make them better than your competitors. It will help you convert your CTRs and make it far better than that of your competitors. You can opt for an enhanced brand content with EBC Services.

How does it work?

You have to first start with entering a product SKU in the brand registry. Then you would have to select any one template from the 5 options given to you. Once you have saved your draft you can even preview your final Enhanced Brand Content before you send it out to publish. If you are satisfied with your draft then you can publish it. Amazon will take around 1 to 3 weeks to publish your Enhanced Brand Content. But the updates or edits will take less time. This feature is sure to benefit you in many ways.


If you want many other benefits than just splurge in your sales then you must go for Amazon EBC expert content. This can be one of the best things to hype your products. But you are recommended to enroll as fast as possible to get enlisted without any hassle.

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